Maitri (my-tree) represents loving-kindness. As in: breathe-in love, breathe-out kindness. I’ve been fascinated for the past year with discovering these moments where I can insert self-care while sharing kindness. What I’ve found is these opportunities are all around us! So, don’t be surprised if you say something that makes me want to give you one of my crystals…or loan you a book from my library…or share a podcast you “have” to listen to. It’s in the name of Maitri. Here’s currently what’s on my loving-kindness playlist…


Selenite crystal Sticks

Sold anywhere crystals can be found, I order bunches of these on Amazon (specifically, this seller) and pass them out like breath mints. What I love: Selenite brings instant calming energy, deep peace and mental clarity. Just hold it and breathe. It’s the best adult fidget on the market!

Coffee talk with Allison Kaplan, Editor in Chief of TCB

Coffee talk with Allison Kaplan, Editor in Chief of TCB


What Allison Kaplan has done in the last year for Twin Cities Business is incredible. Her newest (ad)venture is nothing short of inspiring AND interesting. Pop a listen on the way to work, while working out or whenever you enjoy your dose of inspiration. (Full disclosure, I’m one of the episodes, but I still think the others are worth listening to. ;)

Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

You will smile, you will get teary. A dynamic friend gave me this book for Christmas and since then, it’s been on the rounds. The more awesome people you loan this book to, the more good energy it carries! (True story.) So, read and then share passages back and forth. It’s a new love language.

gabby bernstein

There are lots of ways to engage with Gabby. Books, a beautiful journal, free meditations, paid meditations, talks on her website, her monthly Miracle Membership…All I know is that she brings good stuff to the happiness table. I specifically love this work around surrendering…it definitely helped me get over some of my work anger. I hope it does the same for you.


Those of us who have the honor of spending time in this incredible Big Magic vortex are insanely lucky. The energy, the women, the work. If it weren’t so energizing, it would be dreamy. Every so often, Julie and her team will open her doors to the public and hold an amazing event or host a free workday. When this happens…Do yourself and a friend a favor: hold hands and RUN (don’t walk) to ModernWell.