Your Best Day

Routine becomes routine for important reasons. You have responsibilities and goals and both require serious attention. Let's build on that. We'll talk about zooming out, attention vs., intention, and how to make the things you need to do, more you.

Upcoming Sessions: One-on-one | ModernWell Workshop

Mantra to Maitri

A mantra is a tool yogis use to transport the mind from a state of activity to one of stillness. As women in the peak of busy, I'm not convinced our minds will ever be still. But, I do know we can stop the maddening swirl and feel good/make others feel good while we go about our day.

Your “Pillars”

We all have important pillars in our lives. People, practices, and places that hold us up and make us who we are. From work to family to friends to service, we'll identify and organize efforts to keep our pillars strong.