Fall in love with your life again.


It can be done. You just need the right tools to make it happen. It’s starts with a thoughtfully articulated vision, and is brought to life with enjoyable, do-able prompts. Put it all together and you have what you need to live life on your terms.

It’s Satya. The Sanskrit word for truth.

Satya means truth in Sanskrit. But as in all things Sanskrit, the meaning is rich with subtext and touches on virtue, as in being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. Assuming benevolence, of course. When put into practice, this is what I call, “Working your Best Life.”

I’d be honored to work with you.

Whether it’s a retreat or a workshop (scroll down for what’s up) or a one-on-one session (more info on that, here), I want to help you figure out how to infuse more joy into your day. Whether you own a thriving business, work on someone else’s business, or are starting one from scratch, life is too short not to know, own, and live your truth.

Let’s Do This!

We live in a remarkable time. Lines are blurred and confusion reigns. But, one thing I’ve learned for sure is that with complication comes incredible opportunity. Please join me at one of my upcoming workshops, talks, or trips to discover how you can work your best life, too.

Nosara Sunset

Nosara, Costa Rica

3 nights + 4 days of Pura Vida while we workshop how to Work your Best Life, start to stop. Lodge at our own private, jungle-immersed, ocean view estate just outside the beach town of Nosara.

Several daily inspirational, thought-provoking workshops with practical advice. Daily yoga to wake up your mind, body + soul. Daily meditation practice for mindfulness, clarity + calm. Optional massage experience for all guests. Local excursions abound (i.e., monkey seeing, waterfalls, beaches, shopping & tropical hikes).

Eat farm-to-table, local meals crafted by fellow Satya Sister and culinary genius. (Think all-day smoothie bar, daily happy hours & family dinners with locally sourced seafood, tropical fruits, and delicious meals fresh from the Nosara market).

You’ll leave feeling rested, restored and inspired with an actionable plan to work your truth and live your life on your terms.


ModernWell Workshop

The first step in working your best life is to know and own your truth. So, let's get together and we will craft your Best Day, manifest your mantra, and then learn a few feel-good prompts that you will actually want to incorporate into your day to make *it* all happen. 

Whether you own a thriving business, work on someone else’s business, or are starting a business from scratch, life is too short not to know, own, and speak your truth.

Date/Time: April 1st | 3PM-4:30PM

Cost: $25 Member | $35 Non-Member

Location: The amazing ModernWell (394 + Penn)

lab talks.jpeg

LAB talk

Join me for a coffee and a quick intro on how you can work your best life by living in your truth. Learn more about crafting your Best Day and we’ll cover why mornings will soon become a very special part of your day.

Date/Time: April 11th | 8:30AM

Cost: Free

Location: Parallel Cafe